And now I’m kind of freaking out!

January 31, 2017

Last week my baby boy turned one.

And it was amazing.

Mark and I sang Happy Birthday to him as we went to get him up for the day – he looked at us like we had lost it, then laid his head back down and calmly sucked his thumb until we were done.

He loved the balloons tied to his highchair, breakfast together, dancing in the kitchen, and the boxes that his gifts came in šŸ˜‰

He loved hisĀ personal waterproof speaker – now he can drool carefree and hold his jams in his hand. Plus it really helps him get into the beat – a little FloRida anyone???

He loved his party and hanging with his family and friends. He loved wearing his new hats and being pulled aroundĀ the living room in his new sled until waaaaaaaay past his bedtime.

He loved it all.

And now I’m kind of freaking out. It’s like the worst hangover/mini midlife crisis ever.

Holy $hi! my baby boy just turnedĀ ONE.

This past year was the fastest year of my life. And I TRIED to slow it down. I tried to take it all in. Ā I tried to enjoy the moments.

But damn that still went so flipping fast!

I LOVED the first year and now that chapter is officially closed – I’m just freaking out that it goes so fast.

Seriously – just thinking about it chokes me up.

I want to slow it down. To suspend time. To freeze frame every moment.

But I can’t. And that sort of sucks.

So I guess I’ll take a deep breath and do my best to feelĀ it all. To experience it all and to not miss a single thing.

I will do my best to love my baby boy hard. To laugh with him, to play with him and to have so much fun.

I will do my best – knowing that it will be imperfect. Knowing that I can’t do it all. Knowing that I will make mistakes, miss things and probably piss a few people off along the way.

The good news is that as this chapter ends, a new one begins and I am so excited to write those 365 blank pages.

I’m still freaking out right now, but that too shall pass (and let’s be real – it’ll probably happen at least once every year).

Here’s to year 2!

Emily xox



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