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April 4, 2017

I remember when my daughter was a newborn, thinking that once the cold weather broke, we would spend our days getting things done as a team: visiting friends and family, running errands, perhaps stopping for a coffee or bite for lunch.

Yeah, about that.

Life, and more specifically feeling like a productive member of society, with young children is tough. As a mother of one 10-month-old, I sometimes feel like I get nothing accomplished in a days time. Trying to get any errand squeezed in between bottles, meals and naps leaves pretty much 40 minutes to accomplish one burning task. A typical errand run includes dashing out of the house, grocery shopping like I am a contestant on the 90’s game show “Super Market Sweep,” then flying home (sometimes playing Notorious B.I.G. so that my babe will not fall asleep in the car) just in time to get her to nap in her crib. I have yet to achieve a successful carseat-to-crib nap transition, so any car shut eye means I either keep driving or forgo afternoon peace of my house (aka time to fold laundry and cook dinner). I just never really thought my days would pass so quickly. I relish how filled with snuggles and stories our days are and appreciate the real privilege of getting the be the one home with our little one, shaping her heart and her mind – but sometimes I long to go to Target then Costco in one outting and not throw off the whole day’s schedule.

And then one day I got some much needed perspective.

My husband and I were over the moon to learn we were expecting and would soon give our daughter the best gift parents can give – a sibling and lifelong friend.

And as thrilled as I was, I suddenly thought of all the logistics that being parents of two children would bring. Almost overnight, I thought about how I really ought to be relishing my days with just one baby and how easy life right now will seem once our next child arrives.

The universality of this lesson was not lost on me – perhaps one day we will be fortunate enough to welcome additional children, and likely I will look back on having just one or two kids and think “why did I feel overwhelmed then” and shake my head and my younger, less-wise, self.

Since gaining this perspective, the logistics of getting out the door with an infant have not changed. The amount I ‘accomplish’ in a day also has not changed. But, we sure are having more fun and are experiencing more together. We have gone out for lunch, just me and my now eleven month old. Enjoying babbling conversations as she explores shrimp pad thai. We have gone to more playgrounds and on more than one occasion, have been 15 minutes late for nap. Not only have we both survived, we are having good times and relishing the few months we have left as a family of three.

Hopefully, when I am in waist high with my two sweet babes, I will remember the first lesson baby #2 taught me – these times are simple and sweet and tough. Don’t be held back by the tough logistics, push ahead and find just how full and enjoyable your days can be.


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