Having “It ALL”

August 31, 2017

It’s confusing a little bit, this idea of having it all. There seems to be this pressure to have “it all,” but no real understanding about what “it all” actually is.

When I decided to get back to my business I really struggled. I had big dreams for my business, and I had big dreams about staying home with my babe. I felt conflicted most of the time.

Every day felt kind of like a shit show. The babe and puppy run wild, then everyone eats, then I clean up and the puppy baby tag team nap while I try to do absolutely everything else. While nap times are aaaaaaamazing 😉 it’s tricky trying to cram laundry, showers, meal prep, and all things business into 3 hours a day.

I felt like I never got anything done, which was so frustrating. I finally realized that I was just trying to do way too much, and that I was chasing some fictional idea of “having it all.” I needed to really redefine what “having it all” meant to me. 

When I took a step back and evaluated my version of having it all, I definitely realized I was chasing something other than what I actually wanted. I also realized that there were definitely things that I had to let go, which became a lot easier when I got clear on my top priorities.

My version of having it all definitely includes the blending of my mom hat and my entrepreneur hat – but I had to change up my vision, let go of some control and get nice and comfy with things being messy and imperfect (yikes!).

We all have our own versions of having it all, and what ever that vision is is exactly right. The key is to get clear on it, be willing to let things go and step into the beautiful, imperfect mess!

Emily xo



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